Eclipse All Expectations: Your MacKID Event Picks This Week

All your family fun Apr 3 - 9

March 29, 2024

April showers might be bringing May flowers but it's also bringing tons of fun right to your door. Tortoise adventures, chess lessons, and eclipse excitement are all on the agenda this week. Find the family fun for your crew in this edition of MacKID picks. Guaranteed to eclipse all your expectations.

1. Prepare for the Eclipse with an Astronomer

Eclipse mode: activated thanks to the April 8 solar eclipse that'll be viewable, at least in part, to everyone in all 50 states. Get prepped for optimal viewing by tuning into this virtual workshop and learn all about the eclipse. Apr. 4

Viewing The Solar Eclipse: How To Make A Pinhole Projector

2. Castle Adventures: A Chess Quest for Kids

Master the art of strategy, or at least get the basics, during this virtual chess workshop. Start with a tutorial, then play online games. Perfect for anyone wanting to learn, or any parent tired of hearing checkmate. Apr. 7

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3. Solar Eclipse Day!

Today is the day a total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Want to view it safely? Here are step-by-step instructions on making a pinhole projector using common objects found around your house. April 8

4. Enchanted Tales for Starry Eyed Kids

Once upon a time, your kids didn't argue about going to bed. Get one step closer to that fairy tale thanks to some legendary librarians and their arsenal of sleepytime stories, songs, and more. Sweet dreams. Apr. 8

5. Tortoise Tales: Explore These Slow & Mighty Heroes

Shell-abrate moving through life in the slow lane with this virtual tortoise time. Learn all about these amazing creatures from aquarium pros and discover if slow and steady really does win the race. Apr. 9