About The Publisher: Chanin Victor

Hi everyone, I'm so excited to introduce myself!  My name is Chanin (pronounced just like Shannon, but my parents used some creative spelling back before it was cool :).  I'm honored to be your new Macaroni Kid Santa Monica Publisher!  Whether it's recreational or relaxing, or involves sunshine, rain, or snow, I've always been on the hunt for mini amusements and little diversions for my family.  Now I'll have the chance to put all that work to good use, bringing you little "staycation" ideas that are kid-and-family-friendly here in Santa Monica and the surrounding community.  I couldn't be more thrilled about this opportunity!  

A bit about me:  Having lived in L.A. most of my life, I know the city pretty well.  I've been married seven years and have a six year old daughter who loves to do literally everything; we are always out and about in L.A.  We have a chubby chihuahua and two desert tortoises.  I'm a former elementary school teacher so I'm super crafty by nature (I LOVE ART) and love kids.  Travel is something I'm also passionate about and hope I can instill in my daughter to experience life and not things (It's so important to make memorable moments in our lives).  I also care deeply about helping to SAVE the environment, oceans, and endangered animals.  In my spare time (which is rare), I'm an amateur photographer, artist, and cook; I try to eat paleo, sustainable, and super healthy, but every now and then you'll see me at a birthday party eating cake...YUM!  

I'm looking forward to seeing you around as we appreciate everything our town has to offer.  As I discover new events, activities, programs, parks, restaurants, products, camps, and small businesses, I'll be sharing them with you, real-time.  This resource is for you and made possible because of you.  So thank you for stopping by to learn more about your new Santa Monica Publisher Mom.  

I hope you will subscribe to the weekly e-newsletter SUBSCRIBE HERE!  Special event listings are FREE, so please SUBMIT YOUR EVENT!  For more information on what Macaroni Kid can do for your business, please contact me at chaninv@macaronikid.com.   

It would be great to meet Macaroni Kid families at different events in our community so I hope you'll be sure to say hello if you happen to see me!