Kallpachay Spanish Adventure Summer Camp

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By Jocelyn Roman: Media Relations Manager of Kallpachay Spanish Adventure Summer Camp March 28, 2019

Kallpachay Spanish Adventure Camp is an ideal synthesis of play, language learning, and cultural awareness. Campers will craft their day through a selection of engaging activities and virtually travel to a different Spanish-speaking country or region every two weeks, gaining creative skills as they strengthen their mind while practicing their Spanish with our camp counselors.

Our camp is 100% immersion* and is geared towards children ages 3-10 of all levels of Spanish-speaking ability. Campers are placed into age- and level-appropriate groups where they are best able to develop their Spanish with their fellow Loritos through a camp curriculum that finely balances play and learning and is guided by our native Spanish-speaking counselors and visiting teachers from Spain. 

A typical day at camp is structured to facilitate these activities and involves three main components: Morning Moot, Kids’ Choice, and World Fiesta.

During Morning Moot our spirited counselors welcome campers with songs and games to make learning through the imagination a breeze. Team building is a part of every day with rhythm and movement games that tie into the theme of the week. These themes may include Costa Rican Animals, Enchanted Kingdoms, Intergalactic Missions, Artists in Action, Cityscapes, and Fantastic Photography!

For Kids’ Choice, campers choose an activity station for that week’s elective. Campers first learn about the choices by sampling each of the stations. We encourage skill building in the arts, sciences, and sports. 

On Fridays, campers showcase their projects and are coached in how to share something about their elective.

Finally, for our World Fiesta campers get the opportunity to explore Argentina, Colombia, and Oaxaca, Mexico. Their focus is on recreating an iconic festival found in these countries! Campers learn about that country’s unique geography, language, food, customs, music, dance, and art. With two weeks for each country, the projects come together on Fiesta Friday in celebration of what we’ve learned!

Varied activities keep our campers on their toes and excited to learn all summer long! So come see what all the fuss is about, join the flock and play your way to Spanish with Kallpachay this summer!

* While our counselors will only speak Spanish, our site directors will speak English as needed in serving as a liaison between counselors, parents, and campers.

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