Arts & Crafts Activity for Kids

The Flag: In Memory of Many, In Honor Of All

By Chanin Victor - Publisher Santa Monica Macaroni Kid May 28, 2018

Here's a great arts and crafts activity you can do with your kids of all ages over the Memorial Weekend.  We tried this today at Monica + Andy's at the Santa Monica Place with our under age 2 friends that stop by to visit after Fit4MOM Stroller Strides and Books and Cookies LA has storytime.  It's a fun-filled morning and if you have a little one, please stop by every Thursday morning.  More details on our calendar of events.

Anyway, the kids loved it.  Then, my 7-year old wanted to make one too.  She was a bit more meticulous, cutting off any edges that didn't fit and worried that there wasn't room for all 13 stripes, but she still had a fun time making it.  

Gather your supplies:

Different colors of construction paper, red, white, and blue are a must.


Glue or Glue Stick

Stick on Stars or Star Stickers

What to do:

Start with a background paper.  We used black.  You'll also need the colors of the flag. 

Cut strips of paper from the red and white paper

Cut a small rectangle out of the blue paper

Lay alternating strips of white and red across the background paper horizontally

Once they are on the paper in straight lines, glue them on.  (For toddlers, it doesn't matter if they are straight or crooked)

Glue the blue rectangle onto the top left hand corner

Add stars (the flag has 50, but you can add however many you want)

Also, the stars on the flag are white, but we daughter likes rainbows, so we improvised. 

Some of the kids at craft time today wanted to use heart stickers.  That's fine as well.

Sign your name on the back and VOILA!!!!

To finish up the activity, talk to your kids during or after about why we "remember" on Memorial Day.