Mommy Look I Can Swim!

Baby Born's New Doll That Can Really Swim!

By Chanin Victor - Publisher Santa Monica Macaroni Kid May 25, 2018

Nicky Hilton hosted an epic POOL PARTY on Sunday at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills to announce the arrival of the new Baby Born US doll called "Mommy Look I Can Swim" and she really could SWIM!!!  

Who doesn't love a pool party?  We arrived at the Avalon Hotel, a little boutique hotel in Beverly Hills, and were greeted with a colorful balloon explosion and lots of little fun goodies everywhere.  Pink parasols, sparkly eye swim goggles, pink fluffly bathrobes, and of course, our very own Mommy Look I Can Swim doll.  She comes in 2 different versions to choose from and the box includes swim goggles, flippers, barrettes, and a comb.  A fun braiding station was also set up, and Kia had a line a mile long of little girls who wanted their hair braided with colorful hair pieces and beads.  

For lunch, a few tables were set up around the pool.  One had a hamburger bar.  One had smoothies and yogurt with granola and fruit.  One had healthy munching snacks for the adults, alongside some s'mores and other delicious treats for the kiddos.  A dessert bar filled with cupcakes was on the other side of the pool too. Of course, everything was delicious and we stuffed ourselves in between dips in the pool.  DJ Lela B played some great music for us while we sunbathed, ate, and splashed around all afternoon.  

Nicky Hilton was the sweetest.  She has two kids of her own and loved watching all the little girls get excited and swim with the doll.  She stopped by to talk to us for a few minutes and loved Senna's braided hair....  they were twins-ies!  We had so much fun hanging out with her!  

The pool was filled with giant pink flamingo floats and lily pads that the kids just loved.  The dolls were swimming around the pool and we were all fascinated by them. They could really move their arms and legs and swim.  

My daughter, who learned to swim last summer, loved moving around in the pool with her, just like her own little swimming buddy.  It was super cute.  

When we got home and it was bath time, she asked to take her doll in the bath and watch her swim again.  They sat in the tub for 20 minutes, playing and splashing and having a great time.  What an adorable doll for both boys and girls and we love how interactive she is in the water.  This doll makes swimming and bathtime a lot more fun for everyone.