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By Chanin Victor - Publisher Santa Monica Macaroni Kid May 10, 2018

*The Mother's Day Special listed below is no longer valid, but please call Brigitte Beauté directly for any new Specials, Discounts, or to purchase a Gift Card.

Mother's Day is Sunday and there's no better way to pamper your MOM than give her a Gift Certificate for a facial or massage.  MOM works so hard 24/7 and often we find self-care not in the schedule.  It is the perfect gift idea and MOM will be so excited to have an afternoon off to pamper herself.  After all, a happy Mom is a happy household.  Brigitte Beauté has an amazing special for Mother's Day, so call soon to reserve it for your MOM or yourself.  A Gift Card can be emailed to make it as easy as possible.  The Co-founder Brigitte Beasse is also our featured Santa Monica MOM of the Month and it was such a pleasure to get to know her.  Hearing her story is inspirational and we're so impressed by all she's accomplished as a MOM and a business owner.  Her facials are incredible too!  So treat your MOM or someone you love with an awesome gift of a Signature Oxygen Facial.  Click the photo below for the link to order a Gift Certificate to Brigitte Beauté.

Mother’s Day Special
The Luxurious Signature Oxygen Facial

ONLY $195*
(Reg. $235+)

*$245 for bookings with Brigitte 
(usually $285)


Traveling can be brutal on your skin.  So, when I returned from our Spring Break adventures, I decided to use a gift certificate my good friend Todd, at José Eber, gave me for a holiday gift. (So sweet Todd, thank you again!)

Brigitte Beauté is located in José Eber Salon in Beverly Hills and there is valet parking as well as parking structures nearby. Click on a photo above for the address and a list of their services.  There are facials, massages, and other beauty add-ons.

The Co-Founder, Brigitte Beasse, is a Santa Monica Mom and just one of the kindest people, very soft-spoken and charming! Her motto is "Your skin is my passion" and you can tell she's very knowledgable and talented when it comes to skin care. Here's a little bit about Brigitte below so you can get to know her for yourself.  Also, be sure to try one of her signature facials if you get a chance.  You'll feel so relaxed afterwards and your skin will glow....what could be better!

Thank you Brigitte for being our awesome 

Santa Monica Macaroni Kid  


Tell me a little about Brigitte Beasse and Brigitte Beauté and how you Co-founded this amazing spa.  Was this always a passion of yours?

I graduated from a Parisian Beauty School after I got my Phd in Linguistics. Basically, I went back to my first loved profession!

After having been sponsored to Los Angeles by a Plastic Surgeon, I started a new business venture and opened BRIGITTE BEAUTÉ Spa three years ago at José Eber.

Have you faced many challenges in fulfilling your dream?  Please explain:

I haven't met any major challenges. I am a hard worker and I love my profession so much that everything happened naturally and smoothly.

We love your French accent...where in France are you from?  You're now a mom living in Santa Monica, please tell me about your children and a little about yourself.

I am from South of France, born in St-Etienne. I was raised in Paris.

My little girls are 9 and 12 years old, Valentina and Angèle. I have lived in Santa Monica for the last 15 years, since I had moved from France in 2003.

How do you balance being a mother and the head of a beauty company?  

I work 6 days a week but always make sure to give my little girls all the attention and love as soon as I am home. I always cook for them, check their homework, and the three of us share the same sports activity, which is ballet.

I feel so blessed to love everything I do so much!

What do you like most about being a mom?  What sorts of activities or fun things do you do with your kids together?

I love to see them grow, becoming beautiful human-beings, filled with love, kindness, intelligence and with generosity towards others.

We love bike rides, to eat (of course!), to go to ballet, to watch kids movies, to travel... everything!

Do you ever give facial to your kids?   Have they given YOU a facial?   

I have started to give a teen's facial to Angèle, who has just started to get some little congestion around our nose area and on her forehead.

Which came first, the salon or the beauty products?

The beauty products came first. They are fantastic!

Tell me about your line of products, BRIGITTE.   What are they and what makes them special?  How did you decide to create them?

I created them right after Angèle was born. I was very nauseous and the products I was using from a laboratory helped me a lot while I was working.

The scent, the texture and the skin results altogether were not anymore a coincidence. It was therapeutic...

I started BRIGITTE BEAUTÉ Advanced Skin Care LIne with 4 basic products: The Phyto-Calming Cleanser and Toner, the Collagen Treatment Creme, and the sunscreen SPF 30+.

Jessica Orellana was the girl who gave me a facial the day I visited Brigitte Beauté, and it was called the QUICK FIX FACIAL.  What was involved with that facial and what did it do for my skin?  What products did you use?  

The Quick Fix is a very traditional European style facial treatment, perfect for people who don't have too much time but who want the best treatment in a short period of time.

- So, first we prepare the skin before extractions using an enzyme scrub followed by the application of our 15% Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser. This results in removing the dead cells and hard sebum of the very first layer of the epidermis.

- Then we perform thorough extractions, using high frequency current to kill all bacteria.

- We apply a detoxifying mask, our Detox + Mask, containing kaolin clay, gycolic acid and camphor.

- Appropriate serum and moisturizer are applied according to the skin type and the time of the day.

Jessica also used the NūFace on me,....what is that and what does it do for my face?  Why is that a great tool?

The NuFace is the first FDA micro current device approved for home use.  NuFace indulges micro-current to your face muscles to tighten them. 

For Mother's Day, you are offering a Luxurious Signature Oxygen Facial for $195, typically $285,  Tell me about it and why it's a great facial.

It's a beautiful European Style Facial, purifying and soothing:

-Customized AHA peel, deep pore cleansing, lymphatic drainage massage, vitamin C firming mask with oxygen and collagen infusion! It's amazing!

Some advanced technology you do is with infrared light therapy.  What does this do for your skin?

It will increase blood circulation, treat inflammation, ROSACEA, repair damaged tissues, stimulate collagen and elastin production. It's ideal for post surgery healing.

You also offer body massages and other beauty add-ons.  What are your favorites?

All our massages are therapeutics and they're all targeting anyone's concerns. I love them all!

They combine Eastern and Western culture. Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Feet Reflexology, and Sports Massage; the results are guaranteed.

What advice do you have for other working moms or moms who want to start a business?

Just love what you do!

Disclosure: I was given a gift certificate for Brigitte Beauté in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own. 

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