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Our Bizzy Bubs Dolls Toy Review

By Chanin Victor - Publisher Santa Monica Macaroni Kid January 11, 2018

The holidays are over, but there is always something getting ready to “pop” in the toy market! Moose Toys now has more than one ‘baby on board’ because they just came out with some pretty adorable dolls that your kiddos will go “gaga” over!  Here are three of the little charmers!

Bizzy Bubs dolls, from the Little Live brand, are the cutest little interactive babies that love to play! They move, talk, giggle, eat, crawl, walk and have the most endearing little personalities to engage your little ones in hours of entertainment. What’s a better way to celebrate and welcome these darling baby dolls to the world than throw a fabulous baby shower!

Invitations went out to ten little girls between the ages of 5 and 9 to attend a VIP Baby Shower and welcome six little Bizzy Bubs babies to the world. We hosted the Baby Shower at The Pump Station & Nurtury in Santa Monica this past Saturday, January 6th, and everyone had a ‘bawl’. If you aren’t familiar with The Pump Station, they are experts on all things “baby” and offer resources, education, and only the most awesome baby products for parents. So, it was the ideal place to throw a party and of course, they had plenty of womb!😉       

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All the little girls arrived decked out in fancy party dresses and ready to party! The Bizzy Bubs dolls were lined up and each girl got to pick out which doll she wanted to keep. There are six interactive babies to choose from and each one has a unique personality all her own. Some crawl, some walk, some giggle, and some talk! Primmy, Poppy, Snowbeam, Gracie, Swirlee, and Polly Petals also enjoy feeding on their bottle, sucking on their pacifiers, and they can even go to sleep. 



Check out how precious they are...just the sweetest!


Within seconds, like buns in the oven, the Bizzy Bubs dolls were out of the packages, and the girls (because they weren't born yesterday) figured out exactly how to get them to shine.  In a big circle on the floor, they gathered around and played the day away just as if it were one big exciting playground.  Even though each girl had her own doll, they all seemed to want to interact with each other as well, which was fun to watch.  The babies, who were born to perform, were crawling and giggling together and the girls were having the best time entertaining themselves with their little bundles of joy.        

 You could hear the dolls laughing and giggling, which made the girls giggle too.        

I think the girls were amazed at how life-like and interactive the dolls were.  Such personality!                   

The Bizzy Bubs dolls became friends too as they crawled around together.  The girls had the best time playing!

We made sure everyone felt pampered during the party with lots of tasty delectables and thirst-quenching lemonade. Pink strawberry BABY cupcakes and Macaroons from the most awesome bakery HotCakes Bakes, fresh strawberries, blueberries, and a charcuterie plate filled up their little tummies before we got started on some fun games.

I don’t mean to be-labor the point, but this was a baby shower after all. You have to have Baby Shower Games!  We played “Pin the Pacifier on the Baby”, a game where each girl put on the silliest googly eye mask, tried to figure out where the baby’s mouth was, and see who could get the closest to it. 


 They really had fun with this activity and it got a lot of giggles. Then each girl got to “Decorate a Diaper” and a winner was chosen at random because all the designs were so impressive that the judges (the moms) couldn’t choose a favorite. 

Our two winners each received an extra special Bizzy Bubs doll with their own accessories. The cute, sneaky and a little cheeky doll named Swirlee with her carry cot was one choice OR the doll that’s always center stage and loves to twirl, Gracie, with her crib. Playdates will never be the same again!


Born to be wild, the Bizzy Bubs dolls could’ve amused and delighted the girls for hours more, but it was time for everyone to go home. The girls had so much fun at the baby shower and loved the fact that they got to keep the dolls. Bizzy Bubs Dolls can’t wait to show you what they can do and from what I’ve seen, your little girls will fall in love with each doll’s unique personality! 


Who loves ya Bizzy Bubs baby? We do!!!

Bizzy Bubs Dolls can be purchased at some of the following stores: Amazon, Target, and Walmart.  The dolls are under $20 and super cute!

Moose Toys sponsored our Baby Shower by giving us ten Bizzy Bubs (individual) Dolls plus two Bizzy Bubs Dolls (with accessories), as well as some fun swag for the party! I was also compensated for my review, but all opinions are my own.