A New PoP-uP Experience in the Downtown LA Arts District - Opening November 20, 2017

By Chanin Victor November 17, 2017

Since the start of POP-UP's in New York City about 10 years ago when there was limited space to exhibit all the art that was happening at the time,... ART, as we know it, has transformed from traditional viewing and dissecting to an all-out fantastic experience that all ages can appreciate together or by your #selfie!  Most of the time, dilapidated warehouses in grungy parts of town are magically transformed into explosions of color, images, and words that become one giant art installation. Influencers, friends, and families can go through one room at a time, one photograph at a time with a #hashtag that matches and gets pinned up on social media for all their followers to see.  

HAPPY PLACE, is the newest experiential PoP-uP to hit the Downtown LA Arts District starting Monday, November 20, 2017 and you can get tickets HERE!  I had so much fun today exploring this super creative, fun, and of course HAPPY place with my friend Stephanie.  Check out some of our photos from this amazing place and then get some tickets and go see for yourself how cool it is.  I would 100% take your kids and some other friends too because the more the merrier at this bright yellow building in LA.  Bring your cameras, selfie sticks, and a good pair of shoes because you will be working your way through a ton of photo opportunities.  Be sure to check out my INSTAGRAM photos too and since I was there with most of the social media influencers in LA, look at the TAG #wearehappyplace while you are there and see some really great photos!  

Each room is a new opportunity to become a happier version of yourself.  

Happiness is a very personal thing and really has nothing to do with anyone else, but there are certain things that influence our happiness, remind us of happiness in the past, and bring new joy to our lives. In other words, there are so many amazing reasons to be happy.  As you walk through each room, it's fun to see the the different emotions pulled out of us, which may be different than the person who just walked through the room.  Metaphorically speaking, there is an analogy in every room waiting to see how you react.  I'm finding as I go through pix and look at photos from others who were there, that the way a photo was taken or the angle that I didn't see before elicits new feelings of happiness.  Experiencing HAPPY PLACE in person and then again in photos might just be the key to happiness.  Here are some of our experiences from today.  Who knows, we might be back for more soon.

Remember that song from the 80's "Don't Worry, Be Happy"...the anthem of many at the time, including me! We all walked around whistling it and using our best Jamaican accent.  Well, the second you walk into Happy Place, it all comes rushing back to you. If you didn't know why you came to this lemon colored warehouse before, you sure do now.  Leave your worries at the door, head toward the neon florescent HAPPY sign and start whistling...Don't Worry, Be Happy Now!

If you love shoes like me, you will LOVE ❤️  this giant high heel made entirely of yellow M&M's.  Fashionable, functional, and delicious!  I think the metaphor here is "Put your best foot forward" and of course M&M's always will put a smile on your face...."who can make the sunshine? Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two!"

HUGS and KISSES are what LOVE is all about and of course, when we are in LOVE, we are HAPPY!   ❤️   =  😀   

I once heard that cupcakes were just muffins that believed in miracles.  They found their HAPPY PLACE, right?  Think about your BIRTHDAY!  Presents, cupcakes, cake, your special day.....what more do you need to be happy?  Ok, Cake Pops would make us all even happier.  Whoever invented cake on a stick has ROCKED my world!  Happy Birthday to me!  

Stop and smell the flowers.  If you take the time to appreciate your life and the beauty of the world around you, you just might release some happy endorphins.  The olfactory senses are responsible for much of our happiness.  Think about it...trash, stinky socks, sewer smells = not happy.  Flowers, grandma's cooking, a new box of crayons = HAPPY!  The "Bloomin' Room" was one of my favorite stops on the happy trail.  In a word, it was HEAVENLY!

WACKY WEDNESDAY! BACKWARDS DAY! COMEDY and making us laugh has been a profession that many attempt, but only a select few have that comedic GIFT that makes the room erupt in laughter and everyone smile.  My daughter would absolutely LOVE this room because it is just pure silliness.  She would giggle and laugh and imagine her room the same way and then she would laugh some more.  Silliness = Happiness!

Ernie thought these guys made BATH TIME so much fun and so do we.  If you've got your favorite toys then a bath is no problem when you're a kid.  When you get older, a good soak in the tub after a long day and then "Calgon takes you away" to another place.  Well, it can relieve your stress and make your worries melt away.  Getting rid of the "ickies", makes the happy come out and shine.  Taking a little time for ourselves each day, especially when we are hard working moms is what we all need to do for the benefit of our sanity and happiness.  Soak Away! 

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the happiest of us all?  The mirrored room is a fun place to take a selfie with a friend. It makes your happiness endless!

​ Surprise! Nothing says celebrate your happiness more than rolling around in a big pile of confetti.  There were 3 chances to play in confetti, making snow angels, rolling in it, and running around the giant domed confetti air tunnel. Check it out HERE!  But WATCH may take some home with you in your clothing and hair.  Confetti is all over my bedroom floor!

 It was the end of the rooms, but the party wasn't over yet.  What a great way to finish up our visit to HAPPY PLACE.....HAPPY FOOD!  Everything that made you happy to eat as a kid can be enjoyed post-HAPPY PLACE as well.  Ice cold lemonade, popsicles, and rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches.  So on your way out, sit back, play some croquet, snap a photo at the wall of flowers and eat your delicious HAPPY food.  That feeling of contentment, relaxation and... oh wait... happiness will hopefully stay with you for the rest of the day.  


Be sure to check out HAPPY PLACE and get your tickets soon!  TICKETS!!!!