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Review: Zoomer Show Pony

By Chanin Victor, Publisher Santa Monica Macaroni Kid October 6, 2017

What a special treat!  Our Zoomer Show Pony arrived the same day my daughter became "Student of the Week".  I mean, if you're going to give your child a toy, giving it to them as a reward for terrific behavior is the way to do it.  

I put the box in her room in an out of sight bookcase and was planning to give it to her after dinner.  I wanted to talk about what an honor it was to be chosen as the best student and how she should be proud of this accomplishment.  As usual, between the dog needing attention and trying to get dinner ready, I sort of half noticed when she said she was going to go change her clothes and be right back.  Next thing I know, my husband gets home and she comes running to greet him with, what else, the Zoomer Show Pony in her arms.  Not only had she found the box, but she also got her scissors to open it, and took everything out, read the directions, and had already figured out everything this cute little electronic pony could do to entertain her.  In fact, she rattled off all the things to me before I could even open my mouth.  

"You can feed her!"  Your Zoomer Show Pony comes with an apple, a carrot, and a sugar cube.  Her expressive light up eyes will show you how hungry she is when you hold the apple up to her mouth.  If she's not hungry, she'll shake her head "no".  As she eats the apple, you hear chomping noises and you see in her eyes when she's full.  She makes real pony sounds when you play with her and moves around just like a real horse.  When you feed her the carrot, she enters "training mode".  She'll spin, wiggle, and prance around for you when you pet her. You can train her to turn left, turn right, or follow you. Her "heart" button also gets her to perform tricks for you. She can dance, sing, and perform a figure 8. My favorite thing to feed her is the sugar cube because she will wiggle and giggle and then after a few licks of the sugar, it starts kicking in and she becomes very hyper.  It's adorable to see her spin and twirl around just as though she had really eaten a sugar cube.  

My daughter's favorite activity to do with her Zoomer Show Pony is to groom her with the little brush.  Hearts appear and bounce in her eyes and she gets so happy that she'll start cooing.  She has a beautiful pink mane and tail and when it's brushed, she tilts her little pony head to help you style her hair. This little pony is so full of life and energy and does so many fun activities. The Zoomer Show Pony is thoroughly entertaining for everyone in the family.  

The Zoomer Show Pony from SpinMaster is one of those rare toys that both child and parent can appreciate.  Our Pony has provided hours of entertainment to my daughter.  She really likes how interactive the pony is with her and the ways the pony can respond, which encourages my daughter to play longer. The best part is seeing the delight in my daughter's eyes when her pony nuzzles her hand and neighs, "I love you".  This loving action makes her feel so special.  She runs on 4 AA batteries and is about $79.99, which is a great price for all she can do.  We were given the toy to review, but all opinions are our own and we really enjoyed playing with her for the last month.  I can highly recommend the Zoomer Show Pony as a fun, interactive, toy appropriate for 5 years and above.  She would make a great gift too, and most likely a hit with any child.  For a video of my child playing with her Zoomer Show Pony, click HERE

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