Father's Day Ideas Curated Especially for YOU!

Happy Father's Day!!!

By Chanin Victor June 14, 2017

Father's Day is this weekend (Sunday) and whatever you are planning,... have a great day!  Here are a few suggestions for your dad, father figure, stepdad, baby daddy, kid's dad, etc. that will let him know he is a great guy!

First, I always check out Pinterest for a card or easy craft idea.  Crafts are always the most special keepsakes for DAD and they were made with LOVE ❤️  which means Dad knows how much he is adored!  OR...You might find a cute idea that you can make as a card to add to one of the cool & unique gift ideas below.  The last one is my personal favorite!!! 🍪

Next, Dad might have some old ones in the closet and if he wears them all the time, he might be able to use a new tie!  Add some personality to your dad's wardrobe with unique styles from DAZI. A good tie can completely transform an outfit. These high-quality skinny ties come in a variety of unique designs, styles, and colors that perfectly match any suit or outfit — at a very affordable price! With DAZI, high quality meets affordability.  Priding itself in offering some of the best skinny ties that money can buy, these fashion accessories are the perfect gift for a modern dad who always likes to look dapper. ​

Mark the spot that means the most to your dad! Whether it is his favorite city, town or locale  UncommonGreen's Home Town Maps Barware collection specializes in creating one of a kind glassware with the maps of your most cherished places.  Go beyond your average cup and choose a top quality glass that is designed with the streets and neighborhoods of your father’s beloved hometown. Each map is etched intricately and wraps entirely around the glass from top to bottom, achieving a striking effect. Make it extra personal and add a custom text to make your Father’s Day gift truly unique. Your father will love this cool way to represent his hometown. 

There's nothing like waking up reenergized. For the hardworking dad who deserves good sleep, Dreampad is the perfect way to give him a peaceful slumber. The Dreampad is a technology-based solution for reducing stress and improving sleep. The product is a comfortable pillow which uses patented technology to ease you into a peaceful sleep through relaxing sounds and gentle vibrations that only you can hear. No more time wasted counting sheep or tossing and turning throughout the night- Dreampad is a spa for your brain! 

Surprise your grandfather, uncle or dad this holiday with a classic game of golf. Make this experience even more special with  Tin Cup, a 100% stainless steel ball marker proudly made in the USA. Their personalized cups are the perfect gift for the gold over and with 150 to choose from you're guaranteed to find the right one. Simply insert your favorite ball into the half tin that comes with a uniquely designed stencil, easily color in the design, and presto, you’ve added some uniqueness to your putt and golf gear. Tin Cups are sold at Dick’s Sporting GoodsPGA TOUR SuperStoreThe Paradies Shops (Airport Shops)Roger Dunn Golf Shops, and hundreds of golf pro shops for the standard price of $19.95.

Now your dad can flip with flair! For the dad who loves to chef it up, Moore’s makes whipping a meal together easy with their delicious marinades and sauces. Over thirty years ago in Alabama, a family-owned steakhouse put their signature touch on their poultry and beef. It quickly became a staple in their small town for its delightful, hickory taste.  Whether you crave a sweet, sticky taste or a hot, tangy flavor, Moore’s has a stellar lineup of products that your dad will love. Marinate and savor ‘Moore’ flavor than ever before in your wings, burgers, and meats!

Aquatune - Whether looking for a speaker to relax with by the pool with or on a rugged adventure, Yatra’s Aquatune series speakers will have Dad singing along to his favorite tunes during every occasion. Yatra’s Bluetooth technology allows their crystal clear playback to be heard for up to 10 hours. Aquatune’s unique design and portable size makes it easy to enjoy your tunes no matter where life takes you. Available for purchase at retailers nationwide as well as online at: www.shopyatra.comRetail: $34.99-$89.99

Rollors - Bring the whole family together this Father’s Day with this years most popular backyard game. Combining elements of bocce, bowling and horseshoes, Rollors is easy to learn, challenging to master, and fun for all-ages. The wooden disks and goals are crafted out of beautiful New Zealand wood and every game comes with a convenient carrying case, making it easy to bring to any park, party, or other outdoor event.  Available for purchase at retailers nationwide and online at: www.rollors.comRetail: $49.95

Fire Department Coffee - FDC is redefining the coffee industry by introducing the first ever spirit infused line. March 13th, 2017, FDC launched their flagship collection, featuring three distinct infused coffees: bourbon, tequila, and rum infused, each with their own unique flavors and aroma. We recommend the Bourbon Infused Coffee for the perfect Father’s Day gift. The Bourbon Infusion has the delicious smoothness to enjoy in the morning without feeling guilty as well as being the perfect vehicle to add bourbon, whiskey, or a cream based liquor after a long day on the job. A portion of every sale is donated to military and firefighter charity organizations, while all military and first responders receive 15% off every order. Fire Dept. Coffee can be ordered online at:

Finally, maybe your dad is a part-time cookie monster?  If so, I wanted to put Cookie Good's Father’s Day Box on your radar.  This Santa Monica bakery is selling a delicious dozen inspired by owners Ross & Mel Canter’s favorite fictional fathers—featuring some of the shop’s most popular flavors. It’s a great gift for pop-culture savvy dads that have a sweet tooth! The box is $23 and available to order in store OR online (ships nationwide). Gift wrap/personalized notes available.

Cookie Good, 2448 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90403 | 424.280.4100

 Enjoy and Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!