School is OUT & Summer is HERE!

By Chanin Victor June 7, 2017

For many of you, school is over and summer has begun.  If you still have a few days left, enjoy your freedom to actually get things done for you.  But honestly, summer brings with it a stress-free, easy-going, laid-back, chillin' kind of vibe that makes many reminisce about their childhoods.  Whether you have activities planned up the wazoo or are more of a fly by the seat of your pants type of parent, it is all good.  Summer is what you want it to be.  Just remember, your kids have worked hard all year, so they need a little bit of a break and -for sure- some fun in the sun and some family time.  If you are still in need of some camp ideas, please take a look at our hot picks for SUMMER CAMP GUIDE who just might have an spot still open.  Have a few weeks with not much planned, then here is a Summer Bucket List I put together to try and do some fun things with my family.  Of course, we might not get everything done, but we sure can have fun trying.  Whether you join in on our list or make your own, have a great summer!  

Enjoy!! XO