A Note From Your Publisher

By Chanin Victor May 10, 2017

Hey everyone...first of all, Happy Mother's Day to ALL the mom's out there!  You are beautiful and amazing and deserve all the love you will get on your special day Sunday.  Hope you are spoiled and appreciated non-stop over the weekend and if all else fails, go get a mani/pedi and a massage by yourself or with another mom friend!  Enjoy!

What a busy week!  I had to have a mobile dent repair job on my car, fix a rain gutter outside that my dad backed into (oops, sorry dad), repair a cracked glass shower door, and re-do some of the kitchen cabinets.  If you need recommendations, let me know.  In between, I went to the Warhol exhibit at Bergamot Station (see article about Warhol next week) and I also went along on a field trip to Tree People with my daughter's class.  Tree People is a forest within a city and worth a visit, maybe for Mother's Day 🤔    Over the weekend, I flew to Phoenix, Arizona for a mini family reunion, but not without some adventure too.  After landing, we boarded the rental car bus to get a car and as we pulled up, police had blocked off the entrance and we were stuck on the bus for almost two hours.  Thanks to my brother-in-law, a lawyer, we were finally able to get off the bus back at the airport and head to our destination.  A suspicious car was being investigated...hmmmm!  Phoenix was 106 degrees when we landed and by the time we got back to LA, I had to go unpack that box with my winter sweaters.  Brrrr!  Don't let that stop you from thinking about your summer camp plans though.  If you have not already signed your child up for summer camps and classes, be sure to check us out next week when I will have a Summer Camp Guide for you (just in case you need some ideas).  

Be sure to check out our review of the STOP, BREATHE, THINK app which was launched over the weekend.  Also, if you are into Bilingual education for your child, like I am, you should check out our article about the EDS Classroom.  I hope to be able to share, at some point, our experiences with language immersion and if you ever have any questions, I have access to so many resources to find answers for you.  

Hope you will take a look at our events as there are so many fun things happening this weekend!  

Have a great week!

XX, Chanin