What do YOU want out of YOUR Santa Monica Macaroni Kid?

By Chanin Victor May 3, 2017

Hi everyone!  Hope you enjoyed your weekend and were able to get out of the house and perhaps go to one of the events on last week's calendar.  If not, be sure to check out this week's events if you're looking for something fun to do.  And...since you're on your computer/ipad/phone anyway, I'd love for you to answer a few EASY questions.  

This is just my 2nd newsletter as the New Publisher and in putting the newsletter and events together, I realized it would be great to get to know some of our subscribers.  I'd love to be able to find things that are specific to our readers and your families.  As I said before, Macaroni Kid is for you and is relevant because of you and your support... in other words, your opinions count!  I would love to tailor the newsletter to your likes, dislikes, kid's ages and interests.  To do that, I just have a little something for you to do after you finish reading this article.  

I want to encourage all of you to respond so that each and every week, Santa Monica Macaroni Kid will be your GO-TO place to get events and activities.   As an incentive, if you respond on our Facebook page, with the hashtag #MySMMKjustforme by Tuesday, May 9 at 11:59PM(PST), you will be entered into a random drawing to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card for one lucky subscriber.  Note: Winner must be a subscriber of Santa Monica Macaroni Kid and must "Like and Follow" our Facebook page.  

Some things I'd like to know about YOU:  What is age range of your children?  How many children?  What areas in LA are your favorites to visit?  What kinds of activities interest you most? ETC. 

Your answers can look like this:  A. 3-7, B. beach, C. museums, D. special events.  OR your answers can be more detailed.  Remember, it will help me get to know YOU, our reader, much better.  It is so important to me to make SMMK about you and your family so any responses to my questions will help.  The WINNER will be selected at random and will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

So, go to our FACEBOOK POST and help us learn a little about YOU! Remember to #MySMMKjustforme  😀