Sprout- Organic Baby & Toddler Food & Snacks

The only difference between Sprout and homemade, is that you don't have to make it

March 7, 2017

Feeding your baby and toddler wholesome, organic, healthy food has never been easier with the help of Sprout . Sprout recipes feature tasty combinations of whole fruits, vegetables, and grains that let the amazing taste of the organic ingredients shine through, without the need for additives, fillers, thickeners, or preservatives. Look at any Sprout package and the flavors you see on the front are the same ingredients you'll see on the back. Other brands may say they're one thing, but the leading ingredient is apple sauce or some other filler that's not what you think you're buying. Sprout's new packages are also clear so you can actually see what is inside. 

Sprout only uses ingredients from certified-organic growers and will not accept harvested ingredients with any preservatives. Sprout's organic blends are minimally processed and made only with ingredients you would find in your own kitchen: whole fruits, vegetables, and grains, never preservatives or anything artificial. Just real, honest and pure recipes.

✔ Whole Foods ✔ No Concentrates ✔ Non-GMO ✔ No Preservatives 

Research shows that starting babies on healthy foods early in development helps foster healthy eating habits through life. Teaching a baby to accept savory and complex flavors like leafy greens, can be challenging when young palates naturally gravitate towards sweet fruits. That’s why Sprout's recipes use a variety of fruit, vegetable, and grain blends that help babies adapt to new flavors and textures and provide greater exposure to wholesome foods. 


  The toddlers at our MK Baby Brunch loved all the Sprout snacks we had. Sprout snacks include the first quinoa based puff and Curlz, the first plant-powered snack for toddlers, made from organic chickpeas and lentils. All of their snacks maintain freshness with organic rosemary instead of the artificial preservatives used by other brands, so you know it's clean through and through. For more information and to print out coupons visit their website