Zorbit's Math Adventure

iPad App Making Math Fun for Preschoolers

By Courtney Lewis June 13, 2013

This week I was invited to E3, the huge 3-day industry-only gaming convention, down at the LA Convention Center to meet Zorbit and his buddies and learn about their new Math Adventure iPad App. 

Zorbit's Math Adventure iPad App is a fun new way to help preschool children learn math entirely through play. When preschool children play this app they will be learning and absorbing the skills they need for Kindergarten. Unlike traditional "flash card" type math problems, Zorbit and his crew use numbers and counting in fun stories and games to help absorb math concepts, much like they learn and remember their favorite songs and stories.

The App is separated into different chapters which focus on different math skills like number and shape recognition, counting and adding. These skills are used to help complete the storyline and, more importantly to your child, to help Zorbit on his mission to get to Planet Earth. Zorbit has a fun cast of characters that are silly, smart and very positive. These aliens, along with help from your child, work together to solve problems and complete missions, to earn stickers and move up levels.

Here are my top 5 favorite things about the App. 

1-  It is full of positive reinforcement, including encouraging words, stars, and stickers—lots and lots of stickers!

2- Kids can play by themselves, they don't need to know how to read or play the game to get started. (No "Mommm I need your help")

3- There are no extra levels to buy and no pop ups.

4- There is a diverse cast of characters to the game that will appeal to boys and girls of different ages that are "into" different things.

5- It is silly - I love that my kids will be giggling while they are learning math.

I really think both my boys will enjoy playing (and shhh practicing their math) with Zorbit's Math Adventure for Preschool. I don't know about your kids but mine just LOVE to play on the IPad, and consider it a real treat. I can see them playing this game over and over, and really interacting with the characters.  My youngest has actually been carrying around the postcard with Zorbit on it that I took home.  The iOS launches mid-August 2013 with a version for Android to quickly follow and then Kindergarten and First Grade to land in 2014. You can learn more on their Facebook page HERE or their website www.ZorbitsMath.Com 

Zorbits is celebrating Father's Day with a $100 gift card giveway too- Click Here for details on how to enter- 

Full Disclosure- This is a sponsered post, but all the opinions are my own.