Education Resources Moms Can Use

March 1, 2012

Last week I attended an event hosted by Beyond the Brochure's Christina Simions about  education resources that moms can use. Talking to other moms about their experiences is always an important part of my research when I am looking for something for my children. At this event I chatted with some of Los Angeles' top "mom bloggers" about their children's  education and what was working and not working. Many of the moms were unsure and worried that their children were not getting all the tools they need to be successful and happy in school. That was why it was so inspiring to hear from the event sponsors that are really making a difference in children's lives and helping kids find the tools and skills they have inside themselves to feel and be successful.

Launch Education / in Santa Monica - is an in-home academic tutoring company that focuses on personal academic mentorship. The program is completely customized to the needs of your child. All the tutors are thoughtfully matched  for the family. The tutor’s experience with the student’s school (they have personal relationships with most of the local schools), grade level and any specific learning specialties are reviewed and used to select the tutor with the very best chance to establish a strong personal chemistry with your child to inspire confidence and help them build the skills needed to succeed on their own. Launch offers academic tutoring for students in elementary -college, test prep and summer workshops.

The Kelter Center  specializes in "Learning how to learn".  They offer a one-on-one approach at their learning center in West Los Angeles. The Kelter Center works with your child to find what is important to them and uses that to engage them, which makes learning fun and exciting. The professional educators at the Kelter Center use the latest research and curriculum to build your child's confidence and motivation to learn, because once you learn how to learn, you love to learn.

Project Knapsack, Inc's mission is to teach American students about the issues that effect student learning in developing countries. Project Knapsack partners Elementary and Secondary students in the US with pen pals in developing nations, specifically Africa. The children not only build their literacy skills by writing  letters to each other but  gain cultural awareness and  embark on a friendship with a child from around the world. During the year the children in the US work together to raise money to purchase new knapsacks filled with school supplies for their pen pals that lack these basic educational resources. Founder Porcha Dodson personally delivers the knapsacks to Africa each year, and  listening to her describe the happiness and pure excitement that the children (who often walk between 3-10 miles just to get to school) express when they get their brand new school supplies will have you wondering if you can fit a trip to Africa in.  If you can't make it to Africa there are lots of ways to help and become part of the Project Knapsack family.

LA Private School Guide   is an excellent resource for parents who are starting the often over-whelming search for private high schools in Los Angeles. 

We also heard from special guest Robinne Lee - actress, producer, lawyer, and mom.  Robinne talked about moving to LA and the experience she had finding the right school for her son, and how important education is in her family (did I mention she is a graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School). I have to admit it was relieving to hear about this incredibly accomplished and creative woman having the same issues and worries about finding the right school that we do. She talked about how she used Beyond the Brochure to navigate the process, and one piece that stuck out to her and has been stuck in my head ever since was an image of a grayed-out family and that it was our job to give that family (our family) color and life. The goal is to make it stand out to admission directors and to show those special, however little, differences that give your family color.


We were treated to delicious salads from Mendocino Farms and a table of desserts to sample from Akasha Restaurant, Magnolia Bakery and Gotta Have S’More. Skinny Girl Cosmo cocktails were also enjoyed. 

All the bloggers left with a beautiful accessories bag from BAO Style