Secret Extensions

February 6, 2014

Great Hair Days in Seconds

By: Courtney Lewis
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I am so bad at keeping secrets, so the last few days when everyone has been complimenting my hair I have not been able to just smile and say “thank you”.  I had to tell them, and now you too, about the fun new product Secret Extensions that I have been trying out.

Secret Extensions is the fastest and easiest way to get full, beautiful longer hair.  I’ll admit I was totally skeptical, not so much of the product, but of my ability to pull it off.  I have very fine, straight hair and I’m not great with a round brush and blow dryer (and by not great I mean I can’t do it to save my life) but this is so easy. The hair is on an elastic headband, and I got it on the first (ok maybe second) try.


 Here is a video with more info and to see how simple it is to take on and off.

I have worn my Secret Extensions out numerous times and gotten tons of compliments. They are comfortable and wear well too - the first few times I was a little nervous that they would move or the kids would pull them out, but they were great.  It is funny but when you are having a good hair day you just feel better and just having this extra little bit of style has given me more confidence. It is a fun and super easy way to feel good. 


You can order online - CLICK HERE , where you pick out the color you want.

Secret Extensions are $29.99 and you Macaroni Kid readers  can get free shipping when you order before Feb 15, 2014 using the promo code  "daisy".

I was given Secret Extensions for review purposes but all options are my own, and excuse the selfies 


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